28 Mar One Big Kozy Heat Family

Picture from left to right: Hannah Hussong, Jim Hussong, and Heather Reasoner One big Kozy Heat family Warming up to the family business: Kozy Heat is cooking Heating up for success: Kozy Heat celebrates its 40th anniversary by Jane Turpin Moore The Daily Globe LAKEFIELD – Gather round the hearth to...

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24 Aug What Does Zero Clearance Mean?

What Does Zero Clearance Mean?Fireplaces remain a huge draw for homeowners because of their many advantages. Fireplaces, for example, can help to cut energy costs and thus are often viewed as highly eco-friendly heating sources. They can also provide warmth when your electricity goes out...

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17 Aug Can I Run my Fireplace without the Fan?

Can I Run my Fireplace without the Fan?Fireplaces have a way of making any home look more sophisticated and welcoming, especially during the brisk fall and winter months. But what if your power goes out in the dead of winter? Your biggest concern may be...

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