Using a Fireplace without Power

Bayport 41 Fireplace

Using a Fireplace without Power

A gas fireplace offers a high level of convenience and appeal for homeowners. It enables the heating of an individual space in your home quickly, while at the same time reducing the potential energy expenditures associated with the use of a centralized furnace heating system. However, the question can arise as to whether a new modern gas fireplace will work in a home when the power has gone out, particularly during the coldest months of the year. With a modern gas fireplace from Kozy Heat installed in your home, you can have confidence that you will have access to heat from your fireplace during a power outage.

Fireplace Operation When the Power Goes Out

Gas fireplaces are often preferred by modern homeowners over wood-burning fireplaces due to their ease of use. You can start these fireplaces by a simple push of a button. Wood fireplaces, of course, do not require any power either. All you need is wood, and a match or lighter and you can heat your home!

Intermittent Pilot Ignition

A gas fireplace that uses an intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) valve system can function effectively when the electricity goes out in a home. This energy-saving electronic system is able to ignite your pilot gas by the means of an electrode. The pilot flame, sparked by electricity, ignites your main burner gas. The main burner must be in operation for the pilot flame to be present. The pilot is not on if the burner is not on. The IPI valve system ensures that the pilot flame is positioned over your burner to immediately ignite the gas. As well, it also promotes energy conservation when you are not using the unit.

In order to use an IPI valve system with a fireplace, batteries must be present in the system’s battery backup. These batteries enable the fireplace to work when a power outage occurs. To be noted: If you lose power, the lights or fan kit that comes with your fireplace will not work.

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