Power Vent Gas Fireplace Systems

The benefits of the fireplace did not have to be restricted to one room. Through a power vent gas fireplace system, a fan-powered accessory can give you the ability to put a fireplace in almost any part of your home without worrying about too much heat or the location of the fireplace. At Kozy Heat, we offer an array of power vent gas fireplace venting options to give you the flexibility you need with your home heating requirements. This exceptionally versatile technology is sized small enough to navigate throughout your home to an effective vent location, providing you with efficient heating results.



Modern Gas Fireplace Power Venting Technology


With a gas fireplace power-vent system, you can have your fireplace installed in almost any location without the need for a vent running vertically from the top of the unit. With a fan-powered accessory positioned along the vent, the air exchange is enhanced significantly, enabling the vent to run longer and cover more areas of your home. A power vent natural gas fireplace can be installed in locations you may not have ever thought feasible for a fireplace, and work excellently with long horizontal runs.


A modern gas fireplace power vent system may be installed to according to the exact layout of your home. The system can run up, down – but not back up again, and around many objects within a particular space, including stairways.


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