Bayport 41 Fireplace

22 Oct Using a Fireplace without Power

A gas fireplace offers a high level of convenience and appeal for homeowners. It enables the heating of an individual space in your home quickly, while at the same time reducing the potential energy expenditures associated with the use of a centralized furnace heating system....

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16 Oct Increased Resale Value on Homes with Fireplaces

Having one or more fireplaces installed in your home is good for more than simply heating a room, or creating an appealing aesthetic, fireplaces can help you and you increase the value of your home. At Kozy Heat, we offer an excellent selection of...

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Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

18 Jul How Does a Gas Fireplace Work?

It is not hard to see why gas fireplaces have been growing in popularity. They are easy to maintain, clean burning, aesthetically pleasing. At Kozy Heat, we have a wide-selection of gas fireplaces that will look great in any home. This entry of the Kozy...

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04 Jun Have You Installed a new Fireplace Insert Yet?

Most homes that were designed with a fireplace contain the original wood-burning fireplaces that now be significantly improved with the installation of a fireplace insert. Over the course of several hours, professionals can install a fireplace insertinto your existing fireplace with a masonry chimney. This...

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22 May How to Clean Gas Fireplace Glass?

You may have thought that there is virtually no maintenance required with a modern gas fireplace. This is true, with some minor exceptions. It is important to clean the glass of your gas fireplace on occasion. This will help you have a proper, uncluttered view...

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Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplaces

12 Jan How Does A Gas Fireplace Work?

In a bid to reduce heating costs, many consumers look at alternative methods. At Kozy Heat, we recognize the need to reduce the cost of keeping the temperature of your home comfortable while improving the overall efficiency of your heating system. We also know how...

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