What Materials Are Used for Gas Fireplace Logs?

What Materials Are Used for Gas Fireplace Logs?

Gas logs heat up quickly and they also look awesome. However, there are different types of gas logs and choosing the right ones made of the right materials that work best for your fireplace is important. At Kozy Heat, we are your trusted source for gas log fireplace units that deliver exceptional décor and efficient heating in living spaces.

Gas Fireplace Log Materials

Gas logs are usually manufactured of ceramic fibers, refractory ceramic, or refractory cement. Each of these materials is able to endure high heat conditions. They also have the appearance of real wood. These logs are formed from molds that mimic the look of real wood. Depending on how often you use these gas logs, they should last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. You can monitor the appearance the logs to determine if they need replaced. Fading, wear and tear, the appearance of cracks or crumbling can all indicate it is time for new logs.

At Kozy Heat, we manufacture all of our own gas fireplace logs. Whether you prefer a traditional log set or birch log set, we have you covered.

More About Gas Fireplace Logs

When choosing the material for your gas logs, keep the following in mind:

The high heat rating of refractory ceramic gas logs enables them to last longer than cement logs. They also resist fading over the long term unlike cement logs. If cement logs are used in a gas log fireplace or gas log fireplace insert frequently during the course of 2 to 3 years, they may be need replacing. You can general use ceramic logs for about 3 to 5 years before replacement is necessary. Additional durability and service life is possible with logs that are reinforced with steel bars which resist bending and cracking.

Gas logs can be combined with a fireplace burner system and grate when sold. These logs may be also be used in an already-installed wood fireplace, reducing the installation requirements. Also, the heat required with vented gas logs is minimal if you want them to burn brightly for visual effect, but not heat the house up, such as during a summer evening.

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