Rustic Gas Fireplace Inserts for Your Home

There are many different types and styles of gas fireplaces on the market. Some are minimalist and modern, while others stay true to a rustic charm often found with older units. If you prefer the comfort and charm of s rustic design, then you may want to consider adding a rustic gas fireplace insert into your home. At Kozy Heat, we offer a range of rustic gas fireplace inserts to enhance your interior décor. Our professional staff will work with your preferred design taste and help you find the best option for your space.



Rustic Design Gas Fireplace Inserts


If you have an existing wood burning fireplace using a masonry chimney in your home, then you know the difficulties associated with maintenance and operation. To keep the rustic charm of your masonry fireplace, while adding the reliability and energy efficiency of a gas unit, consider a rustic direct vent gas fireplace insert. Our units are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing set up, and can run on propane or natural gas.


Direct Vent Technology


Combining the rustic ambience of these units with direct vent fireplace technology gives you the perfect combination of form and function. These direct vent fireplaces draws outside air in and expels gases out of the firebox without degrading the quality of the air inside your home.


For more information about the various rustic gas fireplace inserts we offer at Kozy Heat, and how you can transform your living space with one of these units, contact your local Kozy Heat dealer today!