Quality Fireplaces for Life
For 40 years, from our family to yours.
About Us

For over 40 years, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains the same.
We offer a complete line of gas & wood fireplaces and stylish accessories to complement any decor. Adding a fireplace is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and we are proud to offer a network of dealers throughout the country to help make your experience everything that you imagine. We pride ourselves in being dedicated to not only function and reliability, but customer safety as well.
We are a privately-held, family-owned business. Our customers, suppliers and employees like to work with us because of our small town work ethics and our sincere friendly attitude. We will continue to uphold our fireplace’s reputation of quality and value and we are proud to put our family name, Hussong Manufacturing, on every product we sell.

Our History

Dudley Hussong, Chairman of the Board, established Kozy Heat® during 1976 in his father’s millwork shop in southern Minnesota. The first Kozy Heat was a wood burning fireplace that was created as a more efficient way to heat the shop during the fuel embargo. He then teamed up with a local mason named Roland Koster. Dudley knew about metal and Roland knew about brick. Together they knew what it took to build a fireplace. The word spread around town and a local contractor later persuaded Hussong to build another, and then another, for local homes. Kozy Heat soon became known as a high-quality, energy-efficient home-heating supplement. Within two years, Kozy Heat was selling fireplaces throughout Minnesota via distribution channels.

Jim Hussong, President, joined his father full time in 1984. The two became a team. Jim concentrated on expanding the sales and marketing division, whereas Dudley remained researching and developing new products. Together they have created distribution and representation nationwide with a full product line of both wood and gas fireplaces.

Heather and Hannah, two of the three daughters of Jim’s, started full time in 2014 and 2013 respectively. Heather in marketing and Hannah in engineering.

Throughout the expansion of the company and changes in products, the commitment to quality and efficiency remained constant. Kozy Heat is proud to offer a product based on quality versus quantity.