Modern Gas Fireplaces and Inserts

At Kozy heat, we offer an exceptional selection of modern gas fireplaces perfect for minimalist and contemporary spaces. We offer both portrait and linear gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts, with designs that exude beauty and elegance.



Modern Gas Fireplaces


With our modern gas fireplaces, you can choose between designs and details that match your home’s décor perfectly. Whether you need a fireplace for a country cottage, or a modern condominium, we provide exceptional and flexible installation options, with the latest gas fireplace technology. We are your source for modern linear gas fireplace, modern freestanding gas fireplace, and other modern gas fireplace options.


Our direct vent gas fireplace units, which make use of the outside air for combustion, and have an airtight glass seal around the fireplace – ensuring the air in your rooms stays clean. These units are highly efficient, require no chimney, and include flexible installation options.


We provide a variety of fireplaces options including the Callaway series, the Slayton series, Birchwood, the Bayport series, to name a few –all providing a contemporary and minimalist look.


Modern Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are designed to fit inside an existing masonry fireplace. These inserts are designed to fit seamlessly into the existing fireplace cut out, and can utilize the chimney to support the venting. A gas fireplace insert can change an old-style wood-burning fireplace into a high-efficiency gas fireplace unit is powered by either natural gas or propane.


We provide a variety of different fireplace insert options including the Chaska series and the Roosevelt series.


Our modern natural gas fireplace inserts are manufactured to fit the vast majority of existing wood fireplaces. Along with providing a stunning contemporary design, our fireplace inserts also solve the problem of cold chimney draft, and save you money through significant energy savings.


For more information about the modern gas fireplace designs get in touch with your local Kozy Heat dealer.