Fireplace Heat Management Solutions

At Kozy Heat, we are your premier fireplace manufacturer, specializing in providing energy-efficient gas fireplaces and fireplace insert units. Offering a wide selection to choose from, our fireplaces and fireplace inserts are designed to match the interior décor of any home, while also delivering superior heating. Through the technology offered with these units, we also provide state-of-the-art fireplace heat management options to help you achieve the most efficient heating solution possible.


Fireplace Heat Management Through Zone Heating


In order to provide sufficient heat for a home, many homes are designed with a central heating system. While this system may be effective, it is often a costly option that uses a lot of energy. Through the use of zone heating, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and cost by heating only the rooms you use. With our team of experts, we can provide you with a fireplace heat management system installation, helping you achieve exceptional heating efficiency, superior temperature control, and maximized comfort according to your personal preferences and interior environment. Control the level of heat delivered to any room with multiple gas fireplace units or inserts installed in your home.


Fireplace Heat Management Through Redirecting Heat


Our fireplace heat management solutions also include the process of redirecting heat from your gas fireplace unit to adjacent rooms in your home. With the continuous operation of our fireplace heat management technology, a significant percentage of fireplace heat can be redirected to another area. With two heat zones running continuously, more than half of the total heat output may be redirected to other rooms, helping maximize the usage of one unit.


For more information about the fireplace heat management services we offer and how you can benefit from the fireplace heat management technology available today, contact your local Kozy Heat dealer, give us a call at 800.253.4904, or send us a message through our contact form.