How Does a Fireplace Blower Work?

How Does a Fireplace Blower Work?

The fireplace blower fan is a common component found in many fireplaces sold today. Even without a blower, a modern fireplace can release a generous amount of heat into a room using radiant heat. However, a blower fan enhances the production and distribution of heat from a fireplace. At Kozy Heat, our selection of gas fireplace units includes those with blowers that optimize the generation and dispersion of heat into living spaces. We also offer gas fireplace insert with blower fan options which provide the same efficient heat dissemination.

The operation of a fireplace blower may be described by looking at the function of the tubing, air intake, exhaust, and heat switch.

Heat Resistant Tubing

The blower of a fireplace includes heat-resistant tubing directly over which the fire is built. This heats up the air inside the tubes, which reach temperatures as high as 500 degrees F.

Air Intake Device

After the blower is activated in a gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert with a blower, the air intake device pulls cold air from the room.


Once the air has been heated to such a high temperature, it is then expelled out the other end using only a tiny amount of electricity. The heated air is propelled into the living space, bringing heat from the heated air in the firebox and the fire itself. The air intake generates a force that sends the air deeper into the room for greater heat distribution.

Temperature Activated Switch

To prevent the space from warming up too much from a fireplace, a fireplace blower is activated by temperature or by your remote. For this to work, the air intake valve has a thermometer attached. The air blower shuts off automatically when the temperature reaches a certain point, set by a dial. When the temperature falls below the set temperature, the unit will start back up to restore the temperature where it is set.

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