Why Choose a Gas Insert Over a Gas Log Set

Why Choose a Gas Insert Over a Gas Log Set

If you are looking to convert a wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace, you may opt to go with a gas insert or a gas log set. There are some important differences between the two options. Below, we cover reasons why a gas insert is more advantageous than a gas log set. At Kozy Heat, we offer an extensive selection of gas fireplace inserts to enhance your décor and meet your interior heating needs.

Gas Inserts have the following advantages over gas logs sets:

1. More Fuel-Efficient

Gas inserts and gas log sets burn the same type of fuel – either natural gas or liquid propane. However, gas inserts are manufactured with a sealed system and a glass door covering the front of the unit which allows for higher efficiency burning and keeps cold air from entering your home.

Due to the direct venting through the existing chimney and the sealed system provided by gas inserts, they typically burn fuel at a high efficiency level of 70% or greater.

2. Direct Venting Technology

With direct venting, the gas insert brings fresh air into the home from the outside which enables it to operate and dispel fumes, exhaust, and moisture produced by the unit. Here is a video on how direct vent technology works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iMWVYp4jKs

3. Zone Heating Technology

Zone Heating Technology is a great way to keep your heating bills low this year. Set your furnace to a lower temperature, and set your gas fireplace insert to turn on at a set temperature. This way, you are heating the rooms that your family uses – like the living room where your fireplace is, and don’t heat the rooms you are not using – for example, that extra spare bedroom or storage room. Setting the remote for your fireplace is quick and easy and will save you energy costs all winter long!

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