03 Aug Will My Gas Fireplace Operate If I Lose Power?

Will My Gas Fireplace Operate If I Lose Power?One of the greatest appeals of a gas fireplace is its convenience when it comes to heating your home. However, you may understandably be concerned about how useful a new gas fireplace in your home would be...

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27 Jul Where will the Fireplace be Installed?

Adding a fireplace to your home offers multiple benefits. For example, it adds value to your home and makes your residence more enticing to homebuyers when you decide to sell your home. Fireplaces also create comfort and add architectural vitality to the home. However, you...

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09 Mar

Contemporary Gas Fireplace Inserts Provide Several BenefitsWhen it comes to heating your home, contemporary gas fireplace inserts offer a range of advantages over their old-fashioned wood-burning counterparts. An insert fits into an existing wood fireplace or even an existing gas fireplace that is vented with...

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10 Jun Three Generations Now at Kozy Heat

Four decades ago, in December of 1976, Dudley Hussong built his first fireplace in his shop outside of the town of Lakefield, MN to keep warm. Soon after, a farmer came along, asked Dudley to build a fireplace, just like Dudley had in his shop,...

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03 Jun Kory and the Fireflies RibFest 2014

Summer is heating up! Why not soak it up with some ribs at the 17th Annual RibFest in Sioux Falls, South Dakota?That's exactly what we did! With our brand new traveling red tent, we got to rub shoulders with the likes of Kory and the...

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