Fireplace Gas Inserts – Efficient and Easy to Use

Fireplace Gas Inserts – Efficient and Easy to Use

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace that is difficult to maintain and costs you more money on heating than you would prefer to pay? If so, you may want to look into the fireplace gas insertswe offer at Kozy Heat. We have a wide selection of gas insert options, styles and colors depending on your requirements and tastes.

Old Style Fireplaces

Many people love traditional fireplaces with their charm and smell, they can, unfortunately, be inefficient forms of heat. In fact, the efficiency of these units is far below that of their modern counterparts. A great percentage of all the heat energy produced through these fireplaces is lost up the chimney and not in your home.

Efficient Heating

The inefficiency described above has given rise to the creation of fireplace gas inserts. The concept involves a closed combustion consisting co-linear pipes with one pipe taking air from the outside for combustion. The radiant heat of the fireplace heats your room. The removal of exhaust gasses exit through the other pipe to the outside air – and never in your home. Some inserts include a fan that pushes even more radiant heat from the unit into your room.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your existing fireplace and make it much more efficient and cost effective, then consider the fireplace gas inserts we offer at Kozy Heat. By making this upgrade, you can ensure that you’ll have convenient access to the heat you need for you and your family on those cold winter days and nights and all throughout the year.

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