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Bayport 36 Glass | Gas Inserts
Chaska25-Gas Fireplace Inserts
Chaska 25 | Gas Inserts
The smallest gas insert fireplace. Available with traditional log set.
Chaska29 - traditional log set
Chaska 29 | Gas Inserts
Gas insert fireplace available with a traditional log set, glass media set or a rock media set.
Chaska 335S - Gas Inserts
Chaska 335S | Gas Inserts
Gas insert fireplace with a traditional log set and millivolt system.
Chaska34-Gas Fireplace Inserts
Chaska 34 | Gas Inserts
Gas insert fireplace available with a traditional log set, rock media set or a glass media set.
Jordan30 - Gas Insert Fireplace with Traditional Log Set
Jordan 30S | Gas Inserts
Gas insert fireplace comes standard with traditional log set.
Jordan34 Gas Inserts Fireplace
Jordan 34S | Gas Inserts
Gas insert fireplace comes standard with traditional log set.
Roosevelt 29 | Gas Inserts
A fireplace gas insert that comes in three different media kits - Traditional Log, Birchwood Log, and a Beach Accent Kit.

Contemporary Gas Fireplace Inserts - Amazing Transformations

Contemporary gas burning fireplace inserts serve an important purpose. Modern gas fireplace inserts can fit right into the space of your old masonry wood burning fireplace. This is great news for homeowners with a masonry chimney. It is an excellent remedy for rejuvenating any room, and can easily take the place of your masonry unit.

How Fireplace Inserts Work

Fireplace inserts are an effective and simple way to convert your wood burning unit into a gas fireplace. The replacement unit is basically a firebox made of metal with gas jets that hook into a gas line. The unit is connected to a gas jet near the device's bottom. A venting pipe runs through the chimney's length and safely dispels any fumes away from the home's interior. Your gas fireplace insert arrives with decorative logs, glass media or rock media kits that will give the illusion of a natural burning fire.

Fireplace Insert Benefits

A major benefit is there are no irritating ashes to contend with. The look from burning logs, while pleasant smelling, can be a hassle and time consuming. Additional benefits include the option of installing a host of accessories with your gas unit. Accessories, with your unit, can enhance your home's beauty in meaningful ways.

Safety Always Matters

It is not difficult to install a linear gas fireplace inserts. Gas, however, is nothing to play with. This is why the installation should be accomplished by a professional installer. They have the experience to make sure that your gas fireplace insert is installed safely and correctly. When it comes to a gas insert, fireplace accessories are plentiful at Kozy Heat. We are professionals that you can count on to carry all the parts and products that your fireplace will ever need.

Contact your local dealer and learn how a direct vent gas fireplace insert can transform your fireplace into something amazing for your home.