Decorating Your Fireplace for Halloween

Decorating Your Fireplace for Halloween

Decorating Your Fireplace for Halloween

How to Keep It Spooky & Safe

Halloween decorating is fun! You can be as creative as you want with decorations that can delight you and sometimes even terrify you! Here are some helpful hints to keep your Halloween decorations spooky & safe.

Lets first start with the Do’s!

Do start with a consistent theme. Here at Kozy Heat, we find it easier to start decorating if you have a theme in mind. Are you looking for more modern Halloween themed decorations or are you looking for modern fall-themed decorations? Or, for the true enthusiasts, are you looking for the more traditional decorations with witches and broomsticks? Having consistency will make everything feel polished and put together – and, it will also be easier for you to get started!

Do decorate your mantel. Depending on the size of your mantel you can decorate your mantel with different sizes of decorations, for example, pumpkins. Pumpkins can also come in different sizes and colors, such as white. Decorating with different sizes and colors of pumpkins can give you modern touch to your holiday decorating! Not only that, a quick spray of gold or purple paint can bring your pumpkins to the next level!

Do use the decorating ‘magic number’ of three. When items are clustered in groups of three, its more aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Do you have more than three items? Cluster items in odd numbers – 3, 5, 7, etc.

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Do mix up your regular decorating tastes. Use items that you wouldn’t normally use. It can be as spooky as creating some DIY ghosts, hanging bats on the wall or creepy crawlies crawling along your mantel!

Do keep colors similar and (mostly) consistent. But have fun with it! Fall has many fun colors use such as orange, brown, green and even white & black! One of our favorite things to do is use traditional colors but adding a bright pop of unexpected colors such as gold or purple!

Let’s finish with the Don’ts!

Don’t go crazy with the cobwebs near your fireplace. Most cobweb decorations are not fireproof. Keep them from hanging down your mantel or coming in or close contact to your fireplace. Not only could it be a fire risk, there is also the risk of cobwebs melting to your fireplace! Now, that’s REALLY scary!

Don’t let items dangle in front of the fireplace. Fall is a perfect time to start your Kozy Heat fireplace for the first time. Don’t let your decorations stop you from starting your fireplace by swooping down from the mantel near the fireplace box. This also includes anything set in front of the fireplace. Like we had mentioned above about the cobwebs, your fireplace can get hot and a lot of decorations are plastic and not fireproof. They can easily melt or become a fire hazard.

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Don’t forget the candy! Because, when is there another time that it’s socially acceptable to buy 200+ pieces of candy to hand out to kids dressed up in costumes?

Have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween!