Have You Installed a New Fireplace Insert Yet?

Have You Installed a New Fireplace Insert Yet?

Most homes that were designed with a fireplace contain the original wood-burning fireplaces that now be significantly improved with the installation of a fireplace insert. Professionals can install a fireplace insert into your existing fireplace with a masonry chimney. This not only enhances the beauty and performance of your fireplace but also allowing you to enjoy the warmth of a clean, safe fireplace from within your home. At Kozy Heat, we offer an extensive variety sizes of both traditional and modern fireplace inserts to help you improve the interior decor and heating efficiency of your living spaces.

Upgrading to a fireplace insert can help you take advantage of a greater heating efficiency compared to an older wood-burning fireplace. Gas fireplace inserts can help you achieve a 70 percent or greater heating efficiency, especially with the utilization of zone heating, while the older fireplaces may have provided you with 15 percent heating efficiency at the most.

Can Your Fireplace Receive an Insert?

If you have an existing masonry factory-built wood-burning fireplace, you can likely have a fireplace insert installed. Before you go to visit a fireplace dealer, you may want to take some pictures of your fireplace, as well as some measurements (height, width, and depth) of the inside of your fireplace (measured brick to brick) to help the professionals choose the right fireplace insert for your space. After picking out a fireplace that will fit your space, they can have a fireplace professional come look at your home to make sure that the fireplace you chose will fit your space.

Selecting an Insert

When you are deciding on the right insert to have installed in your existing fireplace, you are able to decide based on a number of different options. You can select from various styles, models, and colors to match your existing décor.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Many gas fireplace inserts can be operated through remote control or the flip of a switch. Modern gas fireplace inserts can burn natural gas and/or liquid propane. Gas fireplace inserts help you avoid the traditional traits of wood-burning fireplaces, such as having to clean up ash, sparks flying out of the fireplace, and you can refrain from having to prepare and feed the fire with wood. With the utilization of zone heating, you can recover the cost of your gas fireplace inserts in just a few short years overall.

At Kozy Heat, we can help you find more information about adding a direct vent gas fireplace insert to your home, contact us today.