How to Light a Gas Fireplace by Turning on the Gas Inside

How to Light a Gas Fireplace by Turning on the Gas Inside

A gas fireplace introduces warmth into a living space without the need to burn firewood. This takes away the need to clean up ashes at the end after the fire has gone out. Modern gas fireplaces are powered by either a propane gas tank or natural gas line. At Kozy Heat, we can help you achieve cozy warmth in your interior spaces through our modern array of gas fireplaces. It’s important to know how to light a gas fireplace. It is actually easy procedure that anyone can do as explained below.

Follow the steps below to light your gas fireplace by turning the gas on inside.

Uncover the Fireplace Controls

You will often find the fireplace controls on the floor of the fireplace. They may be located behind a metal grate or plate. Simply lower or raise the cover over the controls for access.

Locate the Ignition Button

The next step and how to light a gas fireplace is to find the ignition button. Many new gas log units come with an ignition button. If you don’t have one of these buttons, you may need to light the log with matches once the pilot light is lit.

Find the Control Knob

The knob containing the words “On”, “Off”, and “Pilot” will be the control knob. If the knob is not turned off, then turn it to the “Off” position. Then, wait for just a few minutes before proceeding to light the pilot light.

Light the Pilot Light

The next very important step in how to light a gas fireplace is to light the pilot light. You can do this by turning the knob to the Pilot position. Press and continue to press down on the control knob while UD press the ignition switch one time per second. Once the pilot is lit, cease from pressing the ignition switch. Continue to press the control knob 30 seconds. Then, gradually disengage from the control knob.

If the process does not result in the pilot light igniting, repeat the process after a few minutes. It may take some time for gas to reenter the fireplace if it’s been a while since this occurred. If you still cannot get the pilot light to ignite, contact your gas company.

With a Sustained Pilot Light, Turn the Control Knob to the “On” Position

The final step to lighting the fireplace is too turn the main burner on via either a switch located at the fireplace, installed remote control system, or thermostat.

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