How to Clean Gas Fireplace Glass?

How to Clean Gas Fireplace Glass?

You may have thought that there is virtually no maintenance required with a modern gas fireplace. This is true, with some minor exceptions. It is important to clean the glass of your gas fireplace on occasion. This will help you have a proper, uncluttered view of the fireplace at all times and ensure that your fireplace is operating properly. At Kozy Heat, we offer a wide range of modern gas fireplaces that can make the living areas of your home rich with the comfort and warmth you desire on those cool and cold nights.

Reasons for Build-Up on Fireplace Glass

Regardless of the age of your fireplace, the glass on the unit can develop a white/grayish buildup. The reasons for this occurring include:

  • If you have had a fireplace for many years, the natural venting processes of the unit may cause a film to build up on the glass. Cleaning twice a year should take care of the issue
  • If you own a new fireplace, particulates can mix with products of combustion in the first number of hours of operation (the off-gassing phase) and deposit them like condensation on the glass when the fireplace cools down

During regular combustion processes, a film can accumulate from minerals in the fuel, such as calcium and sulfur, and deposit on the glass. As well, minerals coming from the outside air brought into the venting system may end up as deposits on the glass as well. You can simply clean the glass when you notice it develops a hazy appearance.

Cleaning Process

Always follow the specific instructions in your product manual or from the product manufacturer or dealer to clean the glass of your fireplace in lieu of any other advice provided here or elsewhere:

Some advice for cleaning your fireplace glass is as follows:

  • Turn off the fireplace completely, including the pilot light and open up the glass front
  • If the glass is on hinges leave it there. Otherwise, remove the glass to a safe, soft surface, such as carpet, tile, or dry cloth.
  • Apply a prescribed cleaner to the glass
  • Spread the cleaner around using a soft cloth (cotton cloth is recommended)
  • Let the cleaner sit for a period of time and then buff it off with a soft clean towel in circular motions
  • Clean the other side of the glass, in the same manner, using strokes in the opposite direction in order to identify any streaks that are left and on which side

Prior to cleaning the glass, always remember:

  • Never use an ammonia-based cleanser – such as an oven cleaner
  • Did not use a paper towel to clean
  • Do not use an abrasive cleaning substance

For additional information about cleaning your gas fireplace glass or the modern gas fireplace units we offer, contact our team today at Kozy Heat.