What is a Fireplace Insert and How Does It Work?

What is a Fireplace Insert and How Does It Work?

Do you have an old wood fireplace is difficult to maintain and manage? Are you paying more for central heating than you desire to pay each month? If one or both of the answers to these questions was yes, you may want to think about having a modern gas fireplace insert installed in your home. At Kozy Heat, we provide you with an array of gas fireplace insert options that can help you achieve the warmth and comfort you desire in any of your living spaces.

Traditional Fireplaces

The old-style traditional fireplaces are appreciated by many for the scent of burning wood and the appreciated the core that they offered. However, the efficiency of those units is very poor when compared to modern gas fireplace units. Most of the heat in those old units are lost up through the chimney or into the chimney’s material itself.

Better Efficiency

The inefficiency described above can now be replaced through the use of gas fireplace inserts. In effect, it an insert is a fireproof box encompassed by steel which has an insulated glass safety screen front – all of which is contained within a closed combustion system. As well, some of our fireplace inserts come standard with a fan that propels the hot air into the room. These fireplace inserts, when properly installed, can provide much more efficient supplemental zone heating than older fireplaces.

A Convenient Heating Solution

Natural gas and propane fireplace inserts provide a very high level of efficiency. The benefits of using a gas fireplace insert include the reduced time required for starting the fire as well as eliminating the cleanup work required after the fire has burned out when using the traditional wood fireplaces. To start the fire, you only need the touch of a button or the flip of a switch. Many units are provided with remote control, allowing you to turn the unit on or off from the convenience of your chair or couch.

If you are in the market to upgrade your existing fireplace, or simply install a brand-new unit in a particular location of your home, be sure to contact an authorized dealer closest to you by following this link: https://www.kozyheat.com/where-to-buy/