What is the Difference Between a Fireplace and a Fireplace Insert?

What is the Difference Between a Fireplace and a Fireplace Insert?

When you think of a fireplace, you may automatically think of the traditional wood burning set up with a chimney attached. With many of these set ups, the wear and tear of continuous use over the years has caused them to be either unsightly, or outright unusable. For those hoping to keep the look and feel of a traditional wood burning fireplace, with the safety and cleanliness of a gas set up, then gas fireplace inserts may be the perfect option. At Kozy Heat, we offer an extensive range of fireplaces and fireplace insert options that can help you enjoy comfort and warmth any time of year.

Factory Built and Masonry Fireplaces

Factory built gas fireplaces consist of a metal fire box. These fireplaces are framed into a house without the use of masonry chimneys and are usually built around the existing frame of the home during construction. These fireplaces are more common in new homes or a remodel as a less expensive, but still appealing, option for buyers.

Traditionally, masonry fireplaces are also constructed by the homebuilder, but offer a complete unit, connecting the fireplace to the chimney. These fireplaces are more expensive to install, and often use robust materials such as brick or slate. If your home was built without a fireplace, you can still have a fireplace installed with small amount of renovation. Fireplace construction professionals will have to create a cavity for venting, either through the installation of applicable vents or a chimney.

Fireplace Inserts

A gas fireplace insert is a gas fireplace that can be inserted into an existing masonry fireplace. If your current fireplace is in need of an upgrade, or you are sick of the work associated with a wood burning fireplace, then a gas fireplace insert may be the perfect option. These connect seamlessly into the existing opening on a masonry fireplace, and oftentimes mimic the appearance perfectly.

Fireplace inserts are a low-cost option to achieve efficient gas burning heat with an existing masonry fireplace. Avoid the hassle of installing a new fireplace or repairing your old one. Contact the professionals at Kozy Heat today.

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