What Fuel Choice Do You Have Accessible?

What Fuel Choice Do You Have Accessible?

If you’re tired of dealing with a drafty living space, consider winterizing your fireplace with a wood burning or gas insert fireplace. Builders recommend insulating your attic and replacing old windows and doors, but what about that oversized drafty fireplace? Every winter it draws the heat out of your home and in the summer lets heat inside. A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any living space. Keep the heat in this winter with a wood burning, gas fireplace or gas insert system provided by Kozy Heat.

Contemporary Gas Fireplaces

Today, gas is considered the cleanest, most eco-friendly energy source for heating and other purposes. At Kozy Heat, we have two types of gas insert fireplaces you can choose, the Jordan Series and the Chaska Series. Both are gas fireplace inserts that are easy to use and will generate heat throughout your home with the flip of a switch. A gas fireplace is a direct vent installation that removes the drafts and heat loss from traditional fireplaces. This type of fireplace will pull in combustion air from the outside as opposed to warming the existing indoor air.

The insert gas fireplace comes in classic, modern and contemporary styles and will improve your home’s resale value while reducing your monthly utility bills.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

If your answer to your fuel choice is wood, then a wood burning fireplace is the right answer for heating your home and reducing costly monthly utility bills. A wood burning fireplace with zero clearance can be built to fit smaller areas and does not require a hearth. Even better news is that they are cooler to the touch by relying on vents to circulate the heat. If you have young children or pets this can reduce the risk of accidental burns.

Some people think a wood burning fireplace will not allow you to see the beauty of the actual fire. Today’s choices allow you to experience the warmth and glow of a fire with single or double front doors.

Fireplace Solutions that Heat Things Up!

When considering alternative heating options, consider what fuel choices you have accessible and your unique needs. At Kozy Heat, we are sure to have your answer. We have been building wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces and gas inserts for more than 35 years. Our quality fireplaces, stylish cabinets and accessories are distributed through our U.S. dealers. We build quality, affordable heating solutions in all types of styles and sizes. Expore our full website today.