How To Baby Proof a Fireplace

How To Baby Proof a Fireplace

As you introduce a new tiny family member to your home, there are numerous adjustments to be made to keep your spaces “safe” for your child. Though baby proofing your entire house is not an invitation to let your baby roam free, some simple proactive steps like baby proofing your fireplace can help prevent any accidents and injuries from happening. At Kozy Heat, we are dedicated to our customers’ enjoyment of our beautiful gas fireplace. In order to make sure it remains a source of comfort and relaxation in your home, here are some tips to make it safer:

Get Down to Their Level

Literally. Try your best to imitate where a baby would be if they approached your fireplace. Match your eye level to theirs, and target any dangerous items in their field of view. Ideally, you should not have any heavy, sharp, or small, choking hazard items in your baby’s reach, including decorative fireplace pokers.

Install a Proper Gate

If your baby manages to get near your fireplace, the last thing you want is them to do is reach for the hot glass. Kozy Heat fireplaces require a safety screen front on every fireplace that holds up to 10lbs of weight before touching the glass. While, this is a great safety feature, it is not a failsafe. Still try to keep the space contained and off limits.

Help maintain your beloved fireplace look while keeping it safe for your bundle of joy with these helpful safety tips. Interested in learning about what Kozy Heat has to offer? Our staff of professionals can help guide you through your design needs and pick out some perfect accessories for your needs. Find a dealer closest to you, or visit our website to browse our inventory today.