How a Gas Insert Fireplace Can Benefit Your Home’s Ambience

How a Gas Insert Fireplace Can Benefit Your Home’s Ambience

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to convert a wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace, an insert fireplace is the way to go. From our selection at Kozy Heat, fireplace owners have their choice of front colors & styles, decorative logs, glass media kits, rock media kits, beach accent kits and other amenities that help convey the appearance of natural burning fire. A gas fireplace eliminates ashes and venting issues that are common with many standard wood burning fireplaces.

Gas Insert Fireplace Ease of Installation

If you choose a gas insert, you may be surprise at how easy they are to install. The installer insets the unit directly into an existing fireplace with a masonry chimney. One of the biggest benefits is that fumes are directed to the exterior of the home via venting pipes that runs through the preexisting masonry chimney. This setup helps ensure the safety of the home’s inhabitants.

Allow for Professional Installation

Experts advise to let a professional install the unit. Industry professionals install for a living and can safely run the unit’s gas line to the existing fireplace and make sure that all connections are properly sealed. Gas company professionals can also check to make sure all connections are secure.

Designs and Features

Gas fireplaces are manufactured in a variety of sizes and colors. This means there is a unit for everyone who wants to convert to gas. Our units fit well with any room décor and can complement the existing design of your current fireplace. Gas inserts can even mimic brick masonry, or blend in perfectly with the rough texture of stone refractory or if your home is more modern, we have a black enamel panel refractory.

A gas insert fireplace can change a traditional fireplace to a much safer and economical one. Families can experience the same enjoyment of gathering around their new unit, only without the hassles of smoke and ashes that need cleaning afterwards. With a new gas insert, you can help ensure the area around your fireplace is a place where people like to visit and the family can bond.