Why Would a Gas Fireplace Be Going On and Off?

Why Would a Gas Fireplace Be Going On and Off?

At Kozy Heat, we understand the purpose of a fireplace in the home. It is a place for warmth, gathering, and relaxation that many people treasure. With our exceptional selection of gas fireplaces and inserts, we provide you with high-quality options for adding that special touch in your home. If you are experiencing problems with your existing fireplace, it might be time for an upgrade. Among other potential issues you may face, a common one we hear about is having a gas fireplace that shuts down for no particular reason. Below are some examples and reasons for why this is happening:

The Thermostat or Thermostat Remote

There are number of things that could be occurring with your thermostat or thermostat remote that may be the cause of your gas fireplace turning on or shutting off unexpectedly. Sometimes, either turning the unit to manual mode or setting the thermostat to a higher setting can solve the issue of the thermostat turning on and off. One the most important things you can do is call a gas fireplace professional to have your unit checked and serviced if the problem keeps occurring

Bad Thermo Couple or Thermo Pile

Another cause of this issue may be a malfunctioning couple/thermo pile. A thermo couple or thermo pile is an important component in a lot of our fireplaces. A thermo pile enables gas to move through the burner system, delivering the gas fireplace’s heat and light. A thermo couple is a sensor device that detects heat and permits the pilot light to stay lit. One of these devices could have gone bad or may have shorted out, causing your fireplace to turn shut down or turn back on at random.

With all the potential issues listed, it is easy to see why it is important to have your gas fireplace serviced and inspected often, to help prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

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