Why Does My Gas Fireplace Smell?

Why Does My Gas Fireplace Smell?

There are multiple reasons why modern gas fireplaces may give off a certain odor. Although it is normal for a fireplace to omit a slight odor, it is important to take proper precautions if you think you may smell a potential gas leak. Natural gas itself is odorless, but has an additive that makes it smell like rotten eggs. This is designed to alert you if there is a leak in your area, as it can be very dangerous. If you smell a rotten egg smell around your natural gas fireplace, is important to leave your home immediately and contact your local utility service.

Some of the reasons why a natural gas fireplace may smell unusual can be harmless. However, it is important to understand what smells are harmless and what may be a serious issue. Below are some examples:

Reasons Why Your Fireplace May Smell Strange

You may smell an odor from your modern gas fireplace if it is a brand-new unit, and this is its first use. Although you may be concerned that you smell gas, there is a strong possibility you just smell factory chemicals or paint. Let your fireplace burn for a few hours to burn off any of this type of debris, and let is cool down completely before you light it again. If you smell odors again that are unusual, but not a rotten egg smell, contact your local installer. If you smell rotten egg smell, leave your home and call your utility company.

If you have an existing modern gas fireplace in your home and you start to smell an unusual odor near the unit, there are several possible causes. One of the potential causes is pet dander or dust. Having your fireplace cleaned routinely helps ensure fewer unusual odors and its safe operation. In some cases, new décor you place near the fireplace may cause a certain unexpected sent to be released into the air. Plants and candles, for instance, may get unusually warm if they are near the fireplace and give off an odor as a result.

Natural gas fireplaces rarely pose any life-threatening problems and are safer than traditional style wood-burning fireplaces. However, if you smell rotten eggs around the fireplace, you may have a natural gas leak. As mentioned above, leave your home on the spot and call your gas company.

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