The Timelessness of a Contemporary Fireplace

Contemporary Fireplace

The Timelessness of a Contemporary Fireplace

Matching Your Furniture and General Theme

Many folks ask us about our range of contemporary fireplaces, so that they can match the theme of their great room, complementing their contemporary furniture.

One of the most popular choices is to select a surround made of granite, complete with a wooden mantel. Because this is the focal point of the room, the fireplace is usually under an incredible piece of art or, in smaller rooms, some families choose to install a large mirror over the fireplace. This trick can immediately give the impression that the room is substantially larger.

As manufacturers of fireplaces, we have seen the trend to produce sleek styles that fit in well with contemporary furniture, to provide a warm and cozy environment for the family.

What About a Fireplace Not In The Living Room?

You do not have to limit yourself to installing contemporary fireplaces in your great or family room. Some families ask us to suggest fireplaces that are suitable for a nook in the kitchen area, for dining areas and within master suites.

For those concerned about the smoke smell on your property with a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you can choose to use modern technology and install a direct vent fireplace, which are also energy efficient. If you have an existing fireplace in your home, we have a wide arrange of options so you can update and replace with a modern variety.