Should You Change or Convert Your Wood Fireplace?

Should You Change or Convert Your Wood Fireplace?

Should You Change or Convert Your Wood Fireplace?

Everyone loves a warm fireplace within their home. When it comes to the time for placing your house on the market, a great fireplace will help sell your property. A wood-burning fireplace provides a great family feeling to the room, but choosing gas fireplace heaters are more effective, easier to look after and simple to control. So, what is involved with converting your wood fireplace into a gas option?

The Conversion May Not Be Difficult

We are always available to offer advice to individuals and families who are considering changing from wood to gas fireplace heaters. There are a wide range of gas fireplace inserts that can simply be placed inside your old wood fire area and function in the same position as before. Now, however, you will have a greater control over the temperature by using a thermostat and you won’t need to clean the area or the chimney as often.

An efficient vent can be placed from your new gas fireplace heaters to the outside or you may choose to install the vent within your current chimney. Gas fireplaces do not produce the smoke of a wood fire, but carbon monoxide is a pollutant that will be created and this must be vented to the outside for the safety of the individuals in your property.

This Is Not an Amateur Task

Because making a mistake with installing a gas fireplace could be fatal, it is important to hire professionals who are installing gas fireplaces every day of their working lives. They will have great understanding and education about heating systems, ventilations and the best ways to ensure your gas fire is working efficiently.

You can ask us anything about the gas fireplaces within our range so that you have a greater understanding of what is possible should you wish to replace your wood fireplace with a modern and technologically improved heating system.