Safety Tips For Modern Gas Fireplaces

Safety Tips For Modern Gas Fireplaces

Advancements in fireplace technology have made today’s gas burning fireplaces burn cleaner and safer than ever before. Provided you follow some simple safety protocols, a properly maintained gas burning fireplace should function safely and effectively for years to come. If you are in the market for a new gas burning fireplace or gas fireplace insert, Kozy Heat is here to help with a few safety tips to remember before making your purchase.

Remember Your Unit’s Clearance Zone

Crafted of advanced non-combustible materials and heat distribution technology, many of the gas burning fireplaces being designed today can safely accommodate televisions and other select mantel accessories without an issue. Despite this great advancement in fireplace safety, you still need to be aware of your unit’s clearance zone, or hot zone, where flammable items could potentially ignite. Avoid placing any books, magazines, fabrics, decorations, or blankets in this zone, in order to minimize any potential fire risk.

Schedule an Annual Cleaning and Safety Inspection

We get it – you chose a gas burning fireplace over a wood burning option to AVOID the hassle of cleaning and safety inspections, but we promise; this is simple. Have a certified technician visit your home once a year to help ensure there are no leaks and the ventilation system is working, and you should be all set! They will know of any failures to look out for, and will let you know if any emergency maintenance should be performed.

Install and Maintain a Safety Barrier

Every gas fireplace we manufacture, there is a decorative safety screen required. It allows 10lbs of force to protect little hands and little paws from touching. We still recommend that if you have little ones running around the house, it is important to instruct them on the importance of fireplace safety.

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