Propane Gas Fireplace Inserts

Direct Vent Propane Gas Fireplace Inserts


With a direct vent propane gas fireplace insert, you can change your old masonry wood burning fireplace into something brand new. Homeowners with these old fireplaces can now enjoy an efficient, clean fireplace experience. At Kozy Heat, we provide propane gas fireplace insert options to help you achieve the indoor ambience and cozy warmth you desire any time of the year.


Propane Gas Fireplace Insert Features and Function


A direct vent gas insert is a natural gas or liquid propane fireplace that is installed into an existing masonry fireplace or factory built wood burning fireplace that uses the existing chimney as a chase to run the venting. The fireplace is a sealed combustion chamber that draws air from outside the home and exhausts the fumes out the chimney cap.


In addition, you can have your unit come with glass media, decorative logs, or rock media kits to enhance the visual appeal of your fire display.


Benefits of a Vented Propane Gas Fireplace Insert


A major benefit of having a propane gas fireplace insert installed in your home is the elimination of ash and soot produced by wood burning fireplaces. Direct vent fireplace technology provides clean, efficient and a safe way to heat your home. You can also add accessories to your unit to enhance its appearance within your living space.


Professional Installation


At Kozy Heat, we have the professional installation experience to ensure your propane gas log fireplace inserts are installed correctly and safely.


Contact your local Kozy Heat dealer today for more information about how a propane gas fireplace insert can transform your existing fireplace unit into an amazing modern fireplace for you and your family to enjoy.