Lights, Camera, Action! The New Chaska 34 and Chaska 335S Fireplace Photo Shoot!

Lights, Camera, Action! The New Chaska 34 and Chaska 335S Fireplace Photo Shoot!

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at an exclusive Kozy Heat fireplace photo shoot? Look no further! I was able to get behind the scenes and deliver all the details!
Our models, the Chaska 34 insert and the Chaska 335S were no divas and were ready to rock the camera all day!

The team that made this all possible was our graphic designer from Woolverton, Anji and our photographer from F8 Creative, Chris. But it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did without our in-house Kozy Heat employees, Nick and Nate, the quality control guys, and our marketing ladies, Liz and Heather.

The Chaska 34 Insert went through many “wardrobe” changes through-out our six hour photo shoot. Many of these wardrobe changes included the many different fronts that you can add on to your fireplace, and the different medias (glass, rock, and log burner set) you can have inside your Chaska 34. We wanted to show case them all!

And the fronts are not all the things you can customize. If you like a more contemporary look, you can have the Chaska 34 come with glass beads. You have a choice of five different colors of glass in your fireplace. Here we have displayed the copper glass.
Want to feel like you are on the beach? Have the Chaska 34 with rock. And of course, if you want your Chaska 34 to look like your old wood fireplace? You can get the log set.

Stay tuned for when the new Chaska 34 insert comes to your area. Find and contact your dealer located nearest to you.

You can find your closest dealer at  and any other details at

*The Chaska Series are gas fireplace inserts to replace your old wood burning fireplace.