How to Remodel a Fireplace

How to Remodel a Fireplace

The fireplace in your home is more than just a place where people gather during the holiday season. It is a practical area for enjoying cozy warmth on any day or night of the year. In fact, the gas fireplace can be the central focus of the home. At Kozy Heat, we offer a wide selection of modern gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts to help you enjoy these occasions anytime at home.

If your existing fireplace needs to be upgraded or remodeled, we have some options for you listed below:

Update or Add a Mantel

You may already have an existing mantel and wish to update it, or you wish to add a fireplace mantel – there are many options and materials to choose from. Be sure to check your fireplace manual to check for mantel clearances from your fireplace. Mantel clearances change from fireplace to fireplace. A quality fireplace mantel adds warmth and character to any space, and helps your fireplace have a greater presence in the room.

Cosmetic Changes

Even if your fireplace is in fair or good condition, dated hardware or finishes may mean it is due for an upgrade. Whether it is repainting the existing brick with high heat paint, or refinishing the surround with slate or tile, we can make your existing fireplace look new again, without having to replace it.

Convert to a Gas Fireplace

Another great way to remodel your fireplace and eliminate the hassles associated with a wood-burning unit is to convert to a gas fireplace. You can do this through the installation of a new gas fireplace unit or gas fireplace insert that preserves the look of your existing chimney and fireplace. Homeowners have a variety of options when it comes to modern fireplaces, and can easily find an option that matches their interior decor and tastes. It is important to consult an experienced fireplace professional to learn about these options.

To learn about the numerous modern fireplace and fireplace insert options we offer at Kozy Heat contact your local dealer today!