How Does Zone Heating Work?

How Does Zone Heating Work?

Most residential homes use a conventional central heating system. These systems do not generally benefit from an energy-saving concept known as zone heating. As the owner of a home that uses a zone heating system, you can manage the temperature in each area of your house one independently. This allows you to increase overall comfort in the areas you are currently using, and keeps energy costs to a minimum. At Kozy Heat, we can help you experience the benefits of zone heating in your home through the wide array of modern fireplaces and fireplace inserts we offer.

Zone Heating and Today’s Fireplaces

In a centralized heating system, the rooms in the home are heated equally, regardless of the number of which rooms are in use. However, if you have one or more gas fireplaces installed in your home, you can independently control the temperature in each one of these living areas. This arrangement can help you achieve significant energy and financial savings. Through independent regulation of the heat generated into each room, you can create a customized home heating environment.

Zone Heating Benefits

With a home separated into distinct heating zones, you can minimize energy waste in areas that do not have the same level of heat as other areas, such as storage areas, certain basement areas, and even unoccupied guestrooms.

With the fireplaces we offer at Kozy Heat, you and your family can enjoy relaxing and comforting zone heating throughout your living spaces in the following manner:

The first step is to have a modern gas fireplace or fireplace insert installed into one or more rooms of your home – for instance, the den, bedroom, living room, etc. Then, you can independently manage the temperature in your living space through the heat generated by the fireplace or insert and access the warmth you need in that space at any time.

Through the Komfort Kontrol remote we provide with our fireplace units, you can regulate the temperature for many position in the living area. We also offer mobile fireplaces you can place in any room to quickly apply and manage your zone heating system.

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