Gas vs. Wood Fireplace – Facts That Can Help You Make an Informed Choice

Gas vs. Wood Fireplace – Facts That Can Help You Make an Informed Choice


The fireplace has been a universal place of family togetherness for centuries. At Kozy Heat, we think that fireplaces have the ability to evolve for the modern world but still continue their historic legacy.

Gas vs. Wood Burning Fireplace

Gas and wood burning fireplaces each have a different set of advantages to consider when deciding which one is most desirable for your situation.

Gas Fireplaces:

  • Easier to install into a room that does not already have a fireplace, or into an existing wood fireplace.
  • Easy to maintain. Cleaning virtually unnecessary.
  • No need to cut/buy or store wood for fuel.
  • Heats using exterior air, so no exhaust enters the room.
  • Easy to light. Can be turned on with a switch or even a remote control.

Wood burning Fireplaces:

  • Excellent ambiance: With a wood burning fireplace comes the full experience of the sound of a crackling fire, the dancing yellow flames, the firewood’s aroma, and a cozy feel.
  • No need for gas line or tank.
  • A Cost-Effective Alternative: Operating a wood burning fireplace often costs less as compared to a gas fireplace, as natural gas is generally more expensive than the highest quality firewood.

Understand What You are Getting

The benefits of owning a fireplace are extensive. That wonderful feeling of sitting around a fireplace and relaxing can be experienced and enjoyed with both gas and wood burning fireplaces. Discover your options and choose what best suits your needs and comfort at Kozy Heat today.