Discover the Benefits of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Discover the Benefits of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Direct vent gas fireplaces are distinctly different in that they do not always require a chimney to work. The benefits of this type of gas fireplace from Kozy Heat are much more than most people realize. Here are some of the reasons you may want to fit one in your home.

Energy Efficient

Direct vent gas fireplaces are very energy efficient. They draw cold air into the enclosure, warm it, and then let the warmth out through its double vent pipes. This minimizes cold spots and ensures that the room is heated evenly.


Our direct vent gas fireplaces are very versatile. There are systems that can vent through a preexisting chimney you have in your home and are referred to as collinear systems. There are also systems that do not require a preexisting chimney.

The flow of air is taken from and later released outside. This construction eliminates the need for a duct through the roof. The direct vent fireplace can therefore be installed anywhere around the house.


This type of gas fireplace does not have an open burning chamber. Instead it is enclosed with an air tight glass seal. This reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The gases are released outside the house more effectively than fireplaces with an open chamber. Air quality inside your home is maintained regardless of how long it burns.

The closed chamber also prevents sparks from flying into the living room. This eliminates a potential fire hazard in case embers and sparks start flying around.

Direct gas fireplaces from Kozy Heat are very energy efficient which makes them cost effective and environmentally friendly.

At Kozy Heat we offer a nice selection of direct vent gas fireplace options that can adorn your living spaces and give them a new warmth and ambiance. Check out our website today and contact us with any questions you may have. We aim to serve your fireplace needs with the solution that fits your space and your design preferences as well.