Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Wood Fireplace

Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Wood Fireplace

Wood fireplaces are great at keeping your family cozy and heating up your home during the cold season. Many homeowners also like the natural fire produced by a wood stove. How do you decide what kind of fireplace to buy?

Heating Capacity

The heating capacity is probably one of the most important factors you’ll have to consider when choosing a wood fireplace. We measure heat by BTU. BTU, British Thermal Unit, is a traditional unit of work equal to about 1055 joules. It is the amount of work needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Log Size

This indicates the length of logs your wood fireplace can take. Most logs are 16″ because they are easy to handle. But there are homeowners who would rather have a stove that can handle bigger logs. Kozy Heat has stoves that can hold up to 22″ logs.

Combustion System

Kozy Heat fireplace heating system uses outside air for combustion. This air is drawn into the unit from the outside of your home to provide oxygen for the fire. Plus, it eliminates robbing valuable oxygen from your home.

Another way Kozy Heat systems create heat for your home is by a convective airflow through the heat chamber that is constructed around the fireplace. Room air is drawn in through the grill below the fireplace. The air circulates upward around the fireplace as heat radiates off the fireplace. This heated air exits the chamber through the upper grill, back into the room.

Kozy Heat’s Air- Seal airtight door system seals the fireplace eliminating heat loss and allowing you to completely control your fire. This gives you the maximum heat potential, using a minimum of firewood to produce this heat. This is accomplished by controlling the burn rate with the combustion air & chimney damper controls.


The orientation of the burning chamber can either be North-South or East-West. In the East-West orientation the logs are placed across from left to right and you can see the sides of the logs, in North-South orientation you can see the ends of the logs. A North-South orientation chamber has a greater heating capacity compared to an East-West orientation of the same size.

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