Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Add warmth and coziness to any space with electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts from Kozy Heat!

Today’s fireplaces have made great strides in efficiency, reliability, and beauty like never before. Browse your local Kozy Heat Authorized Dealer and you will find an assortment of wood-burning, gas-burning, and electric fireplace models that span almost limitless design options. How do you make a decision? At Kozy Heat, we are confident our beautiful designs, quality materials and construction, and reliable functionality will last for a lifetime of cherished memories. Our fireplaces make the perfect backdrop for events both big and small— from joyful holiday gatherings, to comfy movie nights with your family. If you are considering a new fireplace for your home, consider the many benefits of electric fireplace inserts for sale from Kozy Heat.

As premier fireplace manufacturers, Kozy Heat specializes in producing highly-sought after pieces of equipment that last a lifetime. We offer electric, wood burning and gas burning options—all intended to meet the needs of almost any customer. So, how do you know if an electric fireplace configuration is right for you? Here are some key features and benefits that may make this option ideal for your needs.

Energy Efficient 

Unlike wood burning and gas options, there is virtually no heat lost with electric fireplaces. In fact, these units also work well for zone heating, allowing you to warm your home more efficiently than an existing HVAC system. Additionally, this process of zone heating can allow you to only pay to heat the rooms you use most.

Ease of Maintenance 

Compared to other options, electric fireplaces offer the least amount of required maintenance. While inspections, cleaning, and repair services may become necessary, they are performed at less frequency than for other fireplace options.

Easy to Install Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages to choosing the electric fireplace option is the ability to install these units virtually anywhere. Electric fireplace inserts offer a great option for bringing older wood burning units back to life, while stand-alone electric units are great for adding the warmth and comfort to unconventional spaces. Electric fireplace units work just as well in a traditional family room, as an upstairs master bathroom. They are exceptionally versatile units!

Ease of Use 

Another great benefit to choosing the electric fireplace option is the ease of use. Many of these units only need a proper electric outlet to activate, and offer remote controlled operations to add greater flexibility. Dial in your exact temperature, flame height, and ember color to experience the perfect night of relaxation—all at the push of a button.


The functionality and quality of electric fireplaces have never been better. If you are in the market to upgrade your existing unit, or install a new one from scratch—choosing a Kozy Heat model is your best bet for top-quality, efficiency, and longevity. Modern, traditional, and everything in-between—our 45 years of design and engineering have made our fireplace units sought after by Kozy Heat authorized dealers around the country.  Looking for more information about our selection and custom capabilities? Contact a local dealer today!