5 Tips for Maintaining a Wood Burning Fireplace

5 Tips for Maintaining a Wood Burning Fireplace

A wood-burning fireplace offers its own type of ambiance and style. It represents a beautiful addition to a home. Still, it is important to maintain it properly to keep it clean and in optimum working conditions. By doing so, you can preserve the unit’s value throughout the year. At Kozy Heat, we offer high-efficiency wood-burning fireplace options to provide soothing warmth to your living space and enhance your décor.

Clean the Fireplace Interior

When wood burns in a fireplace, it deposits and buildup of various materials, such as dust, dirt, creosote, and ash. Therefore, it is essential to regularly clean the interior portion of the fireplace. This will make the fireplace burn more efficiently and look more visually appealing.

  1. Remove the Buildup of Soot and Creosote
  2. Have a professional service remove soot and creosote from your high-efficiency wood-burning fireplace, as needed, to ensure airflow remains unblocked. A blocked airflow can make specific fireplace issues only worse.

  3. Use Dried Hardwood
  4. Follow the manuals instructions on which wood to use and how to operate your unit most efficiently.

  5. Check and Clean the Chimney Cap
  6. A chimney cap is often designed to keep uninvited animals and unwanted materials from entering your chimney. However, when dirt and dust accumulate around this chimney cover, it can reduce the operational efficiency of your fireplace. Therefore, it is essential to clean out this cap often, removing built-up debris and freeing up the airflow, allowing smoke to freely exit.

  7. Annual Professional Fireplace and Chimney Inspection
  8. Besides performing some DIY cleaning and maintenance each year, it is essential to hire a professional chimney installer to inspect your fireplace and chimney yearly, particularly as winter approaches. A professional chimney specialist can find issues you may miss during a DIY inspection and can provide suitable recommendations.

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