What Is a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace and Is It Safe?

What Is a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace and Is It Safe?

A traditional gas fireplace utilizes the air inside for combustion by using it to burn the fuel – whether natural gas or propane – and transports the fumes through the vent to the outside air. A direct-vent unit, such a direct vent linear gas fireplace provides greater benefits in terms of efficiency, safety, and versatility than traditional gas fireplaces. At Kozy Heat, we are your source for direct vent fireplaces that can bring the efficient heating and enhanced décor you want in your home.

Direct Vent Fireplace Operation

A direct vent fireplace brings in air from the outside via the outside chamber of a double or single vent pipe. This type of pipe may be installed through the wall. The inner chamber of this pipe is used to expel the fumes to the outside air. As the heat flows naturally, a conventional loop forms. As hot air flows through the pipe, denser and cooler air is brought in to fill up the void. A direct vent fireplace produces combustion gases that are cooler, which means no flue, like a traditional wood-burning fireplace, is required.

A direct vent linear gas fireplace is different from other types of fireplaces since it can be vented through the roof or exterior wall. As opposed to a standard B-vent gas fireplace that vents up a chimney and pulls in combustion air from the envelope of the building, a direct vent gas fireplace draws in outside air and sends it into a sealed firebox. This creates greater flexibility for the installation and also enhanced the operational efficiency of the fireplace over time.

Safe Heating

A direct vent makes use of a glass panel that is resistant to high temperatures to place a seal between the fireplace burn area and the interior of the home. It brings in combustion the outside air to fuel the fire. A direct vent gas fireplace is designed to not degrade the quality of the air inside your home. It is a very efficient type of fireplace since no air from inside the home is sent up the chimney.

Also, the valves that control the flow of gas are key components of direct vent fireplace units. The gas shuts off with these units when the pilot light goes out. This prevents a buildup of gas and a dangerous environment in the home if the power goes out.

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