What Is a Direct Vent Fireplace Insert?

What Is a Direct Vent Fireplace Insert?

When it comes to updating your home, include your fireplace? One option is a direct vent fireplace insert. Suitable for any home style, these fireplaces are both fashionable and practical.

Inserts are prefabricated components placed within an existing fireplace to convert it into a gas-burning fireplace. While several types are currently available, including a B vent, the most common and efficient is a direct vent. The combustion chamber of the direct vent fireplace exits directly out through a sidewall. It does not require a working chimney to function. The design ensures the used air exits outdoors while outside air enters to stoke combustion.

Installing a direct vent linear gas fireplace insert provides homeowners with the extra assurance that the result is completely sealed off from many problems associated with open fireplaces. As a result, the fireplace

  • Burns cleanly
  • Burns safely
  • Does not emit any unwanted substances into the living space

Moreover, employing a direct vent fireplace insert is an efficient and effective means of reducing overall energy use and increasing energy efficiency in your home.

Choose a Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplace Insert

Why not consider a direct vent fireplace insert if you decide to replace your existing fireplace with a more energy-efficient model? Not only are they environmentally responsible, but they also can be very fashionable. The better models come with various customizable features to turn your fireplace into a centerpiece. To discover more about this product, contact the agents at Kozy Heat at Kozy Heat Fireplaces.

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