Types of Gas Fireplaces

Types of Gas Fireplaces

Lighting up our family rooms, living rooms, master suites, and more—gas fireplaces are a popular option for adding charm and a warm ambiance to any space. It may seem like there is just one general type of gas fireplace, but there are several different designs and configurations that make each one unique. At Kozy Heat, we are a gas fireplace manufacturer, with authorized Kozy Heat dealers that bring our beautifully crafted direct vent gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts directly to you. Still not sure which model and configuration is right for your needs? Hopefully this helps make your decision a little easier!




Direct-Vent, Stand-Alone Fireplaces

A direct-vent, stand-alone gas fireplace is a top-choice for installation in new construction, or spaces that did not previously have a unit. Through a sealed firebox, direct vent gas fireplaces create a natural air pressure difference that pulls in outside oxygen, as it pushes out any gaseous fumes through a ventilation system. This makes them safe to use, and easy to install in less traditional areas of the home—no chimney required! Kozy’s stand-alone gas fireplace systems are clean, efficient, and come in a number of striking designs that are sure to last the test of time.




Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace Insert

A great option for bringing life back to out-of-commission wood burning fireplaces, a direct vent gas fireplace insert from Kozy Heat uses your existing fireplace masonry chimney to mimic the same ambiance of the original wood burning system. Operating much like our stand-alone gas fireplaces, these units are designed for easy installation and continuous use any time of the year. They use your existing chimney with a dual venting system, and have a tightly sealed firebox insert to ensure their safe operation. Professionally installed, a Kozy Heat gas fireplace insert is the perfect solution on the age-old question of “What should we do with our old fireplace?”

Kozy Heat is proud to be one of America’s leading gas fireplace manufacturers , offering an assortment of direct vent gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts through our trusted network of dealers across North America. 45 years in the industry have lead to many great innovations in how we can make our fireplaces efficient, beautifully designed, and built to last the test of time. Want to learn more about how to get a Kozy Heat Fireplace installed into your home? Check out our location finder, or configure your own fireplace today!