Advantages of Gas vs. Electric Fireplaces

Advantages of Gas vs. Electric Fireplaces

Kozy Heat manufactures premium gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts that add beauty and presence to any space in the home.

The modern consumer has more choices than ever when it comes to selecting a fireplace unit. Today’s fireplaces are crafted with a variety of built-in technologies and burn methods that offer a great alternative from the traditional wood-burning units. The most common configurations available on the market today are gas and electric fireplaces—with each taking a slightly different approach to keeping your home warm and comfortable. At Kozy Heat, we offer an assortment of modern and traditional models, available as gas fireplaces, direct vent gas fireplace inserts, wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and gas stoves. Depending on your unique preferences, a gas fireplace may serve as the best option when compared to electric. Here are some of the top-advantages of gas-burning units compared to electric.

Better Heat Production

One of the first advantages you may note about gas fireplaces over electric models is their improved heat production. A gas fireplace unit is able to produce up to three times the amount of heat as an equivalent electric unit—making it that much easier to heat your home. 

Lower Energy Costs, Comparable Efficiency

While electric fireplace may offer 100% efficiency, a properly installed and maintained gas powered unit can achieve high efficiency—even with regular use. Additionally, the energy costs associated with heating a home with electricity compared to gas are much higher. This cost differential can make up for any lost heat efficiency from a gas-burning unit.


Minimal Maintenance 

While electric fireplaces may be true plug-in appliances, gas fireplace units and gas fireplace inserts both require minimal annual maintenance to ensure they are operating at safely and efficiently. A yearly fireplace inspection will keep your gas fireplace looking and running its best.


Just as Easy to Use 

Many of our gas fireplace units offer many of the same convenience features of our electric models. Set a timer, dial in the temperature, and even adjust the height of the flames—all from a simple remote control.

Does Not Require Electricity to Power 

A small additional benefit to choosing a gas unit over an electric unit is the ability to run the fireplace without electricity. In the event of a power outage, a gas unit could help you keep your home warm and insulated from harsh weather conditions, until your power returns.

A Kozy Heat gas fireplace offers top-tier quality, efficiency, and longevity. With stand-alone and gas-insert models available, our units can seamlessly fit into any space. Our modern, traditional, and hybrid designs are supported by 45 years experience innovating every aspect of fireplaces in the home. Are you looking to upgrade your existing fireplace? Deciding the best option for a new construction? Kozy Heat has some of the best selection available. Distributed to Authorized Kozy Heat dealers across North America, Kozy Heat fireplaces have gained great popularity for stunning designs and quality built to last. Find a local furniture dealer today!